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Welcome To Our Website VideoAt Solid K9 Training, we understand the importance of developing a unique real world dog training program that brings out each dog’s full potential so they can exist in harmony with their owners each and every day. We are not just focused on teaching your dog obedience commands, but more importantly to make good choices on their own, access a calm and relaxed state of mind, and live harmoniously with you, as their leader and guide. When all of these things are in place, you will see a significant improvement in your dog, and your relationship will transform into the type of bond you may have never imagined possible.We will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size or history. We are also one of a handful of trainers that, not only WILL work with, but successfully train and rehabilitate aggressive dogs that have a history of biting other dogs, and/or people. Every dog deserves a chance to learn and to live, and we believe every dog has the potential to be simply awesome.Solid K9 Training has a world renowned reputation with working with and rehabbing aggressive dogs. Most likely your dog will need intense training in order to prepare your dog for a group setting as well as certain safety protocols will need to be in place to protect your dog, other dogs and staff.If your dog has been kicked out of or refused entry into other training and daycare facilities, here at Solid K9 Training we have a program for you and your dog.

JEFF GELLMAN / Owner and Training Coordinator

I’m Jeff Gellman, the dog trainer other trainers recommend for dogs that have INTENSE behavioral problems that have not been fixed elsewhere. But I do not just work to correct behavioral problems with dogs – I can prevent such problems from happening in the first place.

I have a beautiful wife, Linda, and am the father of six wonderful daughters, one son, four German Shepherds, a feral dog, a Pit Bull, a Turkish Kangal and two chihuahuas. While all of my dogs are just family dogs, I do have one dog that is trained in explosive detection and work with her in private industry.

The greatest thing I have found with rehabilitating dogs is that no matter what the issues are, if we focus on the small things on a daily basis, then most of the big things do not manifest. Bad behavior is just the manifestation of losing focus on the basics. In all of my experience, I have seen time and time again that if we focus on the daily rituals, structure, balance, accountability along with corrections for behaviors we don’t like and rewards for things we do, most bad behaviors become a thing of the past.

I will work with all dogs – it doesn’t matter how severe the aggression, how bad the bites, how nervous or anxious, their history, breed, age, or past experiences. I have seen it all, and I’m excited to get you on the path of living with your dog in the best way possible.

When I am not training dogs, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a beautiful wife, Linda, and am the father of six wonderful daughters and one son.

As for my hobbies, I actually consider helping people one of my most enjoyable hobbies. I’m always striving to put out more and more free content to help as many people with their dogs, their businesses and themselves. There are so many folks struggling and in pain due to their poorly behaved dogs. The best way for me to help as many people as possible is to put out so much free content so that owners can train and rehab their own dogs. In this way, we can help reduce and hopefully eliminate the euthanasia of five million dogs a year in the United States. Most dogs that are at shelters and are turned into shelters can be easily trained and rehabbed with the information in my training videos available on many different platforms.

Traveling the world doing dog training and business building seminars also brings me great satisfaction. The RV Dog Trainer seminar series has allowed me to help even more dogs, dog owners as well as rescue and shelter volunteers and staff. And as a part of the incredible business building seminar series, Train the Trainers with Sean and Jeff, I have the privilege of helping train, support and guide new dog trainers in how to excel in the dog training industry.

Lastly, my non-profit Jeff’s Pack raises funds to offset the cost of RV Seminar-style training workshops for rescues, shelters and non-profit organizations. In this way, I’m able to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford training but are dedicated to improving the lives of dogs through a balanced training approach. We have also created a wonderful partnership with a colleague in Hawaii, who selects dogs struggling in the shelter environment, fosters, vets and then sends them to our center for basic obedience and off-leash training. These special dogs, who were once on the path to euthanasia and are now thriving, become our Ambassador Dogs. Each Ambassador Dog represents what balanced training and dedication can do for all dogs and what we hope Jeff’s Pack seminars can do for many more dogs around the world.

Jeff Gellman - World Renowned Dog TrainerJeff Gellman - Professional Aggressive Dog Trainerperiscope_testimonials

Award-winning, internationally-acclaimed dog trainer Jeff Gellman, New England’s own dog whisperer, is on a mission to help people awaken the true spirit in dogs. Jeff brings to you his own no-nonsense, “Real World” training program, using blunt humor and honest wisdom. Jeff helps people find solid solutions to age-old problems, using the insight of instinctual canine behavior.

Jeff’s Staff:

Jeff has an incredible staff of trainers, kennel staff and office staff that keep the facility running 24/7/365. He could not do any of this by himself. When Jeff travels, he even leaves his personal dogs at the Solid K9 Training center to get the best care and exercise they can get.

Jon – Head Trainer

Jon works with all of the board and train dogs on the property and many of the 1/1 clients. He is in charge of all of the training and rehab of all of the dogs on the property. He sets up all of the training programs for each dog once they are assessed to make sure the the clients level of expectations are met.

Jon has been part of the Solid K9 Training team for the last five years and serves as Head Trainer. From a young age, Jon has had a strong connection and sense of compassion for all animals. Growing up, Jon would spend hours at a time with family members’ and neighborhood dogs. Jon’s bond and ability to non-verbally communicate with dogs continues to be overwhelmingly evident when working with clients’ dogs at the training center.

Jon - Head Trainer


Spencer – Assistant Trainer

Spencer is responsible making sure all dogs on the property get structured walks and are socialized daily he also is part of our overnight staff making sure that all of the dogs are safe and ready for an emergency that happens in the night.

Spencer joined Solid K9 Training in 2013 and has a total of seven years of experience working with dogs. In his spare time, Spencer enjoys training dogs, including his own dog Scout, as well as camping, hiking and paintball.

Spencer - Assistant Trainer


Shayla – Kennel Manager

Shayla is in charge of the kennel and the day care area and is responsible for the care and safety off all of the dogs on the property. She is in charge of the kennel staff and that all safety and care protocols are followed each day.

Shayla has been with Solid K9 Training team for just over a year now and loves her job. Shayla enjoys seeing the day by day progress of so many different dogs with a range of issues, finding the end results especially rewarding. Always an animal lover and feeling connected to dogs, Shayla was even called Dr. Doolittle as a child! When 15 years old, Shayla’s 130-pound German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix was put down due to his aggression toward people. This dog was everything to Shayla and the experience was one of the most difficult. Personally, Shayla does not believe in euthanasia (unless medically necessary) and believes every dog deserves a chance. Shayla hopes to one day start a rescue organization for unwanted, abused and neglected pitbulls. Shayla looks forward to educating people on the breed so they can understand the breed is not to be feared and that instead, the owners ultimately shape the disposition of the dog by how they treat it.

Shayla - Kennel Manager


Jessica Duva – Manager


Brittney Souza – Trainer


Daniel Cregg – Kennel Worker


Lilly Esposito – Kennel Worker


Romy -8 y/o, Clover -10 y/o and Angelo -2 y/o

Jeff’s children have grown up training dogs. They work at the center helping with distraction work and proofing the dogs with their commands.

They work with highly excited dogs, nervous and shy dogs as well as aggressive dogs. They do lots of work with Counter Conditioning dogs that do not like or have aggressed towards kids.

We are a home school family and the work they do with dogs teaches them many life skills as well as helps out hundreds of dogs a year with their training.



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