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At Solid K9 Training, we understand the importance of developing a unique real world dog training program that brings out each dog’s full potential so they can exist in harmony with their owners each and every day. We are not just focused on teaching your dog obedience commands, but more importantly to make good choices on their own, access a calm and relaxed state of mind, and live harmoniously with you, as their leader and guide. When all of these things are in place, you will see a significant improvement in your dog, and your relationship will transform into the type of bond you may have never imagined possible.

I will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size or history. I am also one of a handful of people that, not only WILL work with, but successfully works with highly aggressive dogs that have a history of biting other dogs, and/or people. Every dog deserves a chance to learn and to live, and we believe every dog has the potential to be simply awesome.

JEFF GELLMAN / Owner and Head Trainer


“I’m Jeff Gellman, the guy with the long hair who walks 8-10 dogs at the same time around Providence every day, especially around Blackstone Blvd.”

I’m Jeff Gellman, the trainer other dog trainers recommend for dogs that have INTENSE behavioral problems that they cannot fix. But I do not just work to fix behavioral problems with dogs – I can prevent such problems from happening.

I have a beautiful wife, Linda, and am the father of 6 wonderful daughters, 1 son, 3 German Shepherds, a feral dog, 2 Pit Bulls a Turkish Kengal and 2 Chihuahuas. All of my dogs are just family dogs, I do have one dog Girl who is fully trained in Narcotics Detection and her and I work in private industry to enforce drug free workplaces, drug and rehab centers, cruise ships, warehouses and families can also hire me for their homes.

The greatest thing I have found with rehabilitating dogs is, no matter what the issues are, if we focus on the small things daily, then most of the big things do not manifest. Bad behavior is just the manifestation of losing focus on the basics. In all of my experience, I have seen time and time again that if we focus on the daily rituals, structure, balance, accountability, corrections for behaviors we don’t like, and rewards for things we do, most bad behaviors become a thing of the past.

I will work with all dogs – it doesn’t matter how severe the aggression, how bad the bites, how nervous/anxious, their history, breed, age, or past experiences – I have seen it all – and I’m excited to get you on the path of living with your dog in the best way possible.

My hobbies? it is actually teaching people how to do what it takes to do to keep their dogs in the house and out of dog shelters. I love doing the What Would Jeff Do? radio show as well as 2 Webinars a week all for free helping as many folks as much as I can.

Traveling the country in my RV as part of my RV Dog Trainer tour, helping as many people as possible is one of my passions. Being part of an incredible business building seminar series Train the Trainers with Sean and Jeff is helping train and support young dog trainers how to excel in our industry is one of the most satisfying things I do.

Award-winning, internationally-acclaimed dog trainer Jeff Gellman, New England’s own dog whisperer, is on a mission to help people awaken the true spirit in dogs. Jeff brings to you his own no-nonsense, “Real World” training program, using blunt humor and honest wisdom. Gellman is an outspoken opponent of click and treat training, which he believes leads to increased disconnection between humans and dogs, increased aggression, and increased obesity. He helps people find solid solutions to age-old problems, using the insight of instinctual canine behavior.

Jeff’s internationally-recognized radio show “What Would Jeff Do?” brings in 10,000 listeners each week. Jeff also is one half of T3: Train the Trainers, where he and Sean O’Shea (The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation) teach and mentor upcoming dog trainers – with more than 130 graduates, they are spreading the word and influence of balanced training, one student at a time. Jeff’s wildly successful RV Tour kicked off in 2014, and tours the nation when possible.

Jeff’s Staff:

Jeff has an incredible staff of trainers, kennel staff and office staff that keep the facility running 24/7/365. He could not do any of this by himself and when Jeff travels he even leaves his personal dogs there to get the best care and exercise they can get.

Aggressive Dogs

We happily work with aggressive dogs. They are welcome at our facility. They’re welcome in private classes, group classes, our group socials, day training, as well as boarding facility.

Solid K9 Training has a world renowned reputation with working with and rehabbing aggressive dogs. Most likely your dog will need intense training in order to prepare your dog for a group setting as well as certain safety protocols will need to be in place to protect your dog, other dogs and staff.

If your dog has been kicked out of or refused entry into other training and daycare facilities, we will find a program and place for you and your dog.

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