Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive Dog Training

If you have been told you have an aggressive dog in the past, you have found the right trainer to work through the issues. Most times, when I deal with these issues, they are just bad behaviors from the dog that have been mislabeled as aggression. No matter who has told you your dog is aggressive, it still is most likely just bad behavior. How do I know? I work with aggressive dogs on a daily basis and this is what I have experienced with them.

With my training it is highly unlikely that you will have to surrender, put down, or re-home your dog.  90% of the issues can be eliminated in the first few sessions. Most of the aggressive dogs I work with are actually under-socialized, they have not been given clear boundaries, good structure or consistent consequences. They don’t know how to react in Real World situations and end up making bad choices like growling, lunging and biting. By being proactive with my Training Program, I can lay out clear rules for the dog in which it can excel. The dog will then have better coping skills and will find other things to do than growl, lunge or bite.

I find that with my Real World Training system will, not only train your dog with all of the dogs basic and advanced commands, but the aggression/aggressive behavior go away as well.

When looking for a dog trainer that says they work on aggression with a dog, ask them how successful they are. I confidently have an over 90% success rate with aggressive dogs.

When looking for a dog trainer that “says” they work with aggressive dogs ask them if they “correct” the bad behavior?
If they do not I would really question how they are going to reward the dog out of aggressive behavior, I have worked with thousands of dogs and I have NEVER seen a dog rehabbed by just rewarding good behavior. Behaviors that can cause harm to a person, another dog or the dog you are working with is a life and death situation and I take that responsibility very seriously.

I am one of the few trainers who successfully work with Aggressive Dogs. Whether they are dog aggressive, human aggressive, bike rider aggressive, whatever, I will work with them. Bottom line: no dog is too aggressive for me to work with.

My Aggressive Dog Training is not a special training service, it is inter-woven into all of my Training Programs. While that is true, sometimes Aggression issues are challenging to work with 1 hour a week training package. My Board & Train is effective in these cases because removing a dog from it’s environment, and balancing the dog in my facility with the help of my Pack can create Dramatic Results in a very short time.

Please contact me about the Aggression you are seeing with your dog. With my Real World Training we can work through these issues to help you achieve the relationship you are looking for with your dog.