Trick Training Class

Group Class

We are currently offering TWO Trick Training programs! Please see below for more information.

  • FREE Dog Trick Training Class for Kids
    • This class is for children ages 7-15 and an adult must be present during the class.
    • Starting Saturday’s for 6 weeks beginning Saturday, January 6th and ending Saturday, February 17th (no class will be held on 2/3).
    •  8:45am – 9:45am.
    • Class is limited to 4 dog/handler pairs (tickets WILL sell out quickly).
    • To sign up, please visit our Eventbrite page to secure your spot, and then fill out our Trick Training Contract.
  • Tuesday Night Trick Training – $199 for 6 classes
    • Starts Tuesday, January 9th and ends Tuesday, February 20th (no class on 1 /30)
    • 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
    • Class is limited to 6 dog/handler pairs
    • To sign up, please fill out our  Trick Training Contract and we will invoice you.

Please see below for more information pertaining to both Trick Training classes


We are extremely excited to be offering trick training with our trainer Brittney! Ready to have some fun and show off your dog!? Tricks are a great bonding experience as well as mental and physical stimulation for your dog. 

Supplies to bring:

  • treat bag
  • treats
  • collars acceptable for trick class: slip lead, martingale, prong
  • Clicker (we prefer the clicker from Starmark)

Watch the clicker conditioning video under our FAQ section so your dog understands what a clicker is prior to coming to class.

The tricks that will be offered, but depending on you and your dogs progress are:

  • Paw
  • Touch
  • Target
  • Sit pretty
  • Cross paws
  • Weave
  • Figure 8
  • Bow
  • Dig
  • Speak
  • Hit it
  • Spread ’em
  • Roll Over
  • Spin

Expectations of students:

  • Owners are to practice during the week as one hour per week at class will not be enough consistency for the dogs to learn new behaviors.

To set up every owner/dog team for success in this group setting it is required that your dog:

  • Understands basic obedience, able to focus on you, as this is NOT an obedience class.
  • Is NOT dog aggressive/leash reactive, as the dog will be more focused on the other dogs than learning new behavior.
  • Is NOT human aggressive as we will not endanger the other clients in the class.
  • Is secure on a martingale collar, slip lead, or prong collar to prevent the dog from slipping out of the collar.

FREE Kids Trick Training – Grab your free ticket here (only 4 spots available): Eventbrite

Tuesday Night Trick Training – Please fill out our  Trick Training Contract and we will send you an invoice.




Private Trick Training lesson 1/1

A 60 Minute private lesson with our trainer Brittney, gets you undivided one on one attention to get your dog exactly where you would like them to be. Focus on the tricks that you want to learn to train. It will not matter if your dog is dog aggressive or reactive as this is a private lesson. If your dog is human aggressive Brittney will be able to coach you through the steps in order to get your dog preforming tricks. Again it is still required for your dog to exhibit basic obedience and able to focus on you. As this time will not be used to work on or train basic obedience.


Price: 5 private 1 hour sessions, $399.00

To sign up, please fill out our General Training Contract and we will invoice you via PayPal.