I knew that I could trust this man with my precious new puppy

We both grew up with dogs our entire lives. We got our first dog together in July of 2002. Shes was a 4 yr old German Shepherd. She had many behavior issues such as; leading when we walked her, barking at anything, chasing everything from dogs, birds, cars, squirrels, bikes…you name it she chased it. She was afraid of loud noises, water and hated to go outside in the rain. We did not look into a trainer for her issues but, looking back we are certain Jeff could have helped us.
We got Adonis on August 28, 2007 at 8 weeks old. From day one, we knew we needed professional assistance to train him. After experiencing how difficult it was to manage a powerful breed that had behavior issues, we made it a priority to get the best help available. We talked with many “professionals” that told us they could help us but none seemed as passionate about what they do as Jeff.
Jeff’s website was very inviting and informative. We got an immediate feeling that he just ADORED dogs and wanted to help people to nurture and train the best dogs possible. It all started with a simple email asking him to recommend a good vet in the area. We had just picked up Adonis and recently moved back to the Providence area. Through his emails I got the impression he was more excited then us that we just got a puppy. After several correspondences, he assured us he could help. He agreed to meet within the next few days and he was the perfect fit. I knew that I could trust this man with my precious new puppy and as well with the key to my home. He has a great sense of humor and is great at teaching his methods not only to Adonis but also to us. Jeff is very accommodating: he is ALWAYS available to us by either email, phone call or text and always there for help. He is very concerned about Adonis and always gives us reasons why he does certain things with him. He makes us realize he will not always be this small, that in a very short time he is going to be very large and extremely powerful. If one could see how well behaved and trained his dogs are there would be no question, Jeff knows his stuff!
We are confident and very excited about future for our family (including Adonis) Jeff has a lot to do with that.

Deanna and Tammy