A couple of 68 year olds thank you.

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for your work. My husband , Steve, and I live in Pearland, Texas and adopted a stray in mid October from a young woman down our street. Her mom rescued him from a busy street off of I-45 in south Houston.He wasn’t chipped. After advertising to find his owner -unsuccessfully-she had him heart worm tested-it was negative- and started his shots and worming. He is a very energized, rambunctious, nervous white lab mix with beautiful blue eyes but does have a genetic defect-one eye smaller and star burst pupils- but the vet said he wasn’t blind.
The young woman had three children, three cats and a large dog already but refused to take him to a shelter. She posted him on our neighborhood website for adoption with a small fee to try to weed out wrong matches.
To make a long story short, we adopted him but quickly found out loving him, food, and a beautiful backyard couldn’t settle him. The morning we took him to the vet to be neutered, he wrapped his leash around my legs and lunged out of his yard causing me to fly through the air with the greatest of easy. My husband almost had a heart attack. I landed flat on my back but didn’t break.
We talked with our vet and after interacting with him she recommended a prong collar to stop his mouthing, nipping, jumping, you name it. I immediately came home and began to research the prong and found you.
I’ve been binging for a week and a half on you on YouTube . We started with a 2.25 collar but I turned around and ordered the Springer 3mm and he immediately did a helicopter but never did it again.
He walks well even though I don’t have hours to spend with him. He crates slightly reluctantly but doesn’t complain or bark. He’s not a barker and has never growled. Super smart so I now have the mini educator 300.
We have a rabbit in an 8 ft protective cage on the ground and today-after 2 weeks- he’ll never charge the cage again. Took him to 96 after watching your dishwasher video. That was our only choice or take the rabbit to the shelters be euthanized. Thank you.
Tonight I took him out of his 10×10 kennel outside, left the gate open going in and out courtesy of the mini ed.
We are 68 years old and thought we couldn’t keep him. Shelters in the Houston area are full. No one would ever take him because of his bad behavior so I credit you and the lifesaving work you do with saving Cotton’s life.
We thank you and Cotton thanks you🐾
Now it’s time to see you on YouTube.
With Much Gratitude,

Jo and Steve