Best Walk ever, since i got a prong collar

Hi Jeff

I would just like to thank you I have just had the most amazing walk with my German shepherd.. I’ve watched your videos umpteen times and I eventually got a prong collar.. I can’t thank you enough after spending money on training school which didn’t dog was put into a room with a load of other dogs..( over here they call it flooding,) he would go for the dogs..bark continuously. After the 7th week there was no change in my dog and he came very stressed so I never went again..he is a rescue dog who had been left outside for 3 years. Never been socialised…now I’ve got him to walk with me and engage with me my next goal is when we come upon a dog with the prong collar on because he still goes for them on normal leash..

This is my first time using the prong collar and I cannot believe the difference

Thank you again for your input regarding your video’s they have been very helpful..

Kind regards