Deaf dog & Leash Reactivity stopped by your free videos

Hello, my name is Laura. You don’t know me, but you have been impacting my life in a big way through your training videos, and I am writing to thank you!
Thank you so much for your instructional dog training videos!
My dog, Rodeo, is a deaf pitbull-type dog. I have been working on his leash reactivity for a year, and we have made sporadic progress. But he was still unreliable. It has been one week since I started implementing your methods and protocols around walks, and already Rodeo is a dramatically different dog on walks. Just today, we had a walk with zero leash reactivity! There were two occasions where we walked past a dog (opposite sides of the street), and Rodeo looked at the dog, but didn’t get excitable, pull, bark and whine, lunge or redirect at me. Amazing!
Beyond the walk protocols, we have been doing pack walks, he has learned “place,” and is learning not to break command when he sees a distraction. I feel that this latter skill has also indirectly helped with his impulse control on walks.
This new approach has greatly improved Rodeo’s quality of life all around (not to mention mine!). And while we still have a ways to go in terms of learning to trust and to be social with people and dogs, this is a HUGE start.
Not many people understand the love and effort I have put into this dog. I have felt ostracized by society and my family. Thank you for being an advocate for people like me, and dogs like Rodeo.
Laura and Rodeo