Death roll did not stop me from moving forward.

Hello Jeff,I just started watching your video’s recently, and want to thank you for introducing me to the prong collar,I was one of the misinformed until I watched you show the correct way to go about using it and wow what a difference like night and day,yeah she done all the stuff you said she would do,putting on the breaks,chewing on the leach,the death roll she done all three of that,within 10 minutes of that she started understanding she was no longer in control of the walking, last night I took here on a nice stroll through the neighborhood without all the pulling stopping and veering in all different ways,I’m going to use the techniques of all your video’s with the prong collar, I won’t call you willy wonka cause you don’t sugar coat anything you are right to the point just like I am,thanks once again for what you do for the everyday dog owners  Alan