Everything from watching your videos and webinars!

Hi Jeff, I have been following your videos and webinars for several weeks now and I thought I would reach out to you and say thanks for the amazing change you have brought to my life. I do not consider myself to be unexperienced when it comes to being a dog owner but back in Mexico (where I come from) the owner-dog relationship is completely different from here as it is extremely rare for someone to keep larges dogs inside. I love dogs and being thousands of miles away from all family and friends I decided to adopt Kai, a male, 1 year old, German Shepherd/Lab mix to keep me company. I saw some issues on him when I found him in the shelter but I was sure I would be able to deal with them pretty easily. In a way, I was deadly wrong. A few days after he came home (we live in a small apartment by the way) I realized he was extremely dominant and possessive. He showed food aggression, possessiveness, jumping, pulling and worse of all a very bad case of separation anxiety. I work full time and certainly didn’t like to come home to chewed slippers, destroyed cables and such but didn’t think it was a big deal until he completely destroyed my bedroom one day. At that point I was very frustrated, desperate and overall pretty down but it was then when I stumbled upon your video on how to deal with separation anxiety and immediately started taking control of the situation. That was the turning point. We did crate training, dealt with the food aggressiveness in one take, learned how to walk, taught him to behave in the car, etc. etc. Separation anxiety… gone. Food aggressiveness… gone. Jumping… gone. Pulling… gone. Walks… 100% more enjoyable. Car rides… 100% more enjoyable. Our relationship… 100% better. Please do not get me wrong, he was never the worst dog and even now he is far from perfect, but we are so much better than before. Everything from watching your videos and webinars! And I just want to say THANK YOU! I am reaching out because I know you care about us and if by reading this you feel just a little bit more inspired to keep working, well that is the least I can do. Please continue the amazing job. I hope to attend one of your seminars in the future but for now rest assured I am watching your material and I am spreading the word about you. Many thanks to you, Linda, Jon and everyone in your team. You guys are changing lives!