Feeling really proud of our dog.

I thought I would fill you in on Tucker’s first week at home! Probably the most important is that the humans in his life are all onboard and providing much more structure and discipline. He is doing fabulously on his walks with the prong collar. He even sits nicely (I drop the leash even) while I clean up after him. No pulling when other dogs go by, no nervousness if we are on one of the busier roads, no marking. I am getting some exercise J
We are trying to put him in Place for at least an hour a day… during the week when we are in and out finding more than that for a long duration Place can be tough. Always at dinner time, cleaning up dinner. Last weekend he had a number of long duration Place opportunities.
We had friends over on Saturday so he had to go to Place for the doorbell twice. Did great! Waited until our guests came to him. We even had a new 12 week old puppy and an 18 month old who he had previously NOT liked at all running around. No issues at all J
I have been playing ball about 10 minutes a day but I have been making him Sit before he can retrieve it…quite a challenge. Today when we were close to home and traffic wasn’t an issue, I took off the leash and did remote collar work. Changing direction, calling Here. He did great! Only needed to “buzz” him once. I took him for an off leash walk yesterday morning where I had been taking him until last spring. He had never been one to run off because he loved being with the other dogs. Most of the walk we were alone so I practiced a lot of calling him to me. I had one really great opportunity when we did meet up with two of his old pals and he got a good distance ahead of me so I gave him a little “tap”, called “Here” and to the wonder and amazement of my walking buddies he turned and came right back leaving the other dog wondering what had happened J
I have insisted that he not only sit and wait to go out the doors but also reentering the house. Also trying to remember to have him go up and down the stairs behind me if I am with him.
He has currently been in a Down at my feet while I am at the computer for about 40 minutes without one single correction. Normally he would be on the back of couch looking out the window.
And lastly, riding in the car. Tucker was always the co-pilot. No longer. The week before he went to you I made him sit in the back. Constantly pushing him back. The couple times I have taken him in the car this week, while he tries to get in the front, I simply say NO, put him in the back and he stays there with no WHINING!!
While he is not perfect, he is trying very hard as is the rest of the family
Two days later…
We came home with a friend of my daughters who was somewhat afraid of Tucker because of his past behavior (jumping, barking, growling) and he held his Place. Five minutes later the doorbell rang. No one around to watch him but he stayed on the rug while another girl entered the house, chatted and then came in the kitchen where he could see her. Feeling really proud of our dog

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