From asshole to absolutely fantastic

Jeff – I just wanted to thank you for bringing a bit of relief into my life. 5 months ago, we bought a GSD for $200 and made an emotional decision to get a dog. I haven’t had a dog in 10 years and my wife has never had one. I am a police officer and in a polite manner, often tell people to do certain things and expect them to do it for their and my safety, why wouldn’t I do it for a dog? My dog was out of control. She bit the kids, jumped on my wife, trashed the house and acted like she was the Queen of the house – and it angered me. I even was tempted to leave my gate open, but never would – I was just frustrated nothing seemed to work. I took her to “compassionate” dog training, spent money and nothing. I even paid my sister to come over and SHE said the dog is too aggressive! I said I know that’s why I am willing to pay you!! I’ve been taking her to a training facility where they believe in correcting a dog, but mostly by telling them no – nothing else. I was about to throw in the towel after spending a couple grand on training.

Then I stumbled on one of your videos after being hammered for months about how inhumane prong collars were. I just wanted to take my dog for a walk! Play with her nicely! Let her ride in my truck! And on YouTube right next to a video about this emotional feely always love your dog never punish was yours – and I spent literally hours watching your videos. I thought “that’s not inhumane, these other people have been lying to me!”

I bought a Sprenger collar s few days ago, committed my time and I seriously had the best walk yet with my dog. And I took my dog to the training facility I go to with it on and they told me they were going to recommend it to me – later! Geez!

Thank you for the videos. I literally love spending time with my dog now and She sits, downs, goes to her bed, kennels, etc. I am your prong collar evangelist. Thank you so much!!! Thank you for your no none sense attitude about dog training and putting me in charge. It makes me angry now when I see other trainers videos or other people telling people the opposite.

Many blessings,