I am amazed by the amount of free content.

A few months ago I contacted Jeff because I was interested in doing Board and Train with my dog who, at three years old, still wasn’t house broken. I had an infant in the house and could no longer deal with constantly cleaning up after my dog who would pee and poop in the house and crate daily. I had contacted three other trainers before contacting Jeff and none were able to offer assistance. Jeff and I spoke on the phone and he actually talked me out of sending my dog to him since he felt it was something I could work on myself rather than spending thousands to send my dog to his training facility. He gave me some ideas and told me what to look for in the videos he has posted and I am thrilled to say my dog has had only two accidents since our phone conversation. I am amazed that Jeff managed to find such as easy way to help me when other people had no ideas, for free! I am a huge fan and will be forever thankful!

Carolyn Pickett Boucher