I called your radio program for help.

I called your radio program 9-21, after listening for many Saturday mornings and was able to contact you regarding my 7 year old Parson Russell Terrier who was attacked by a larger dog at a farmer’s market when I lived in CO. Following the attack she would lunge or scrape to get to other dogs. You suggested a cinch collar which I bought following our live conversation. I walked her by my side reinforcing “Daddy’s Side”. Within five minutes she responded. She was great and knew what was expected. As we sat at a crosswalk, she saw a Weimereiner (Beautiful Dog) across the intersection and began her usual barking and tugging routine. With a couple of soft tugs on the cinch lease she stopped barking and we continued on our walk. Thank you for the $20, five minute solution. She is a new dog. You probably won’t be able to use this on your show because you have so many critics and they might think this is a promo. Too bad for them. Ironically, when I met my dog Scoop, the breeder had a cinch collar and Scoop was well behaved. I believe her Aunt is the only Parson to win best in breed at Westminster. I guess you need to have some direction or solution for such a smart and lively breed. Keep up the excellent work. Remember, your critics are the ones that can’t accomplish what you do. Again, too bad for them. Thank you for changing Scoop’s and my life. We will have proper daily walks from now on.

Patrick O.