I can take him ANYWHERE now.

To start off I would like everyone to know that MY DOG WAS A DOG AGGRESSIVE DOG that could not be on the same street as another dog because he would just go CRAZY! But I want to tell you THAT THERE IS HOPE! My dog would LUNDGE, BARK, GROWL, everything when having another dog in sight. We took him to 3 different trainers and no success with any, for about two years we had lost hope and had to change our every day schedule to take care of his needs, meaning we had to take him for longer walks, 3 to 4 times a day, no off leash play unless caged in and alone, and NO CONTACT with no dog. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us and Georgie. Sending him to your boarding and training facility for dog aggression was by far the best decision made, the hard work you have done has not only affected Georgie but us, and you did not only change Georgie but us as well. We weren’t just lacking the proper training material for Georgie but the proper training for us as dog owners. We are more than happy to say that today was the first time Georgie, our soon to be 3 year old pitbull/boxer/Great Dane mix played with 4 dogs at a park, a park which he was banned from, for starting fights with others. I will admit that I was nervous at first because the flashbacks of Georgie and how he use to react when close to another dog was taunting me but after having one on one training with him off leash with an e-collar helped build my trust. He is 100% percent responsive with the E-
collar training and when needed to be called there is no doubt in our minds that he will not come. At the open field today he played with 4 dogs and I will admit that he was the most well behaved there. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures because for those who use to know Georgie would not believe it unless they see it. I can take him ANYWHERE now. We no longer bring him to a dog park just because even though I have control of my dog doesn’t mean that others do. He loves playing with smaller amount of dogs either way because he loves the attention.
As you know we own a fitness studio in Malden, Ma and I am more than happy to tell you that he stayed in the “place” command for an hour to two hours while there were 60 people stomping their feet, jumping, dancing, EVERYTHING and not once did he break command. We continue to bring him as much as possible to the studio and he doesn’t do anything but bring a smile to everyone’s face that walks through the front door. There is no amount of thank you’s we can say enough to show how thankful we are and I look forward to visiting you with Georgie soon. We have attached a link to where you can see the pictures and videos of Georgie’s incredible changed life.

The Mendoza Family