I finally feel like I have control because Beans actually understands the commands I’m using

I’ve had a handful of “problem dogs” growing up, and our dog trainers never seemed to have a lasting effect once they stepped foot out of the house. So when I got my Mini Bull Terrier “Beans”, I vowed I wanted to have a “normal dog” once and for all. I read over and over again how Mini Bull Terriers are “un-trainable” due to the stubborn terrier in them. Sure enough, I struggled for months as I attempted to walk him around the block – he’d just sit there, refusing to nudge. I even paid hundreds of dollars to a fancy dog trainer in NYC to come to my apartment and work with Beans. I found that once the trainer left, my dog would sense that training time was over and would refuse to follow the regimen which we had just spent hours going over.
After months of frustration of dealing with an immobile dog, who also never managed to shrug his puppy habit of “mouthing”, I finally listened to a friend whose dog just returned from a 2 week training sessions at Solid K9 Training. I conveniently arranged for Beans to be picked up in Manhattan by Jeff himself, while my boyfriend and I went on a vacation (where dogs were not welcomed). Not only did I not feel guilty about leaving Beans at some doggy day care center in NYC, I felt great that he was going to get tons of exercise and socialization with other dogs that were training & boarding. During Beans’ 2 week stay, Jeff posted tons of videos and pictures of Beans being trained. I was amazed to see the progress he was making on the first day as he was in a down stay with Jeff’s family running around him! Not only was he not “mouthing” with Jeff’s kids, but he didn’t even nudge as they made tons of noise. I also was blown away with the one-on-one attention Beans was receiving from Jeff. Many dog boarding/training programs claim that the owner is personally working on your dog, but it’s impossible to tell if your hard-earned money is being put to use. By Jeff sending me tons of videos and pictures, I knew just how much time he was spending with Beans.
After Bean’s 2 week stay, Jeff himself drove to my apartment in New York to work with my boyfriend and I to teach us what Beans’ learned and how to keep him on the right track post training program. We were STUNNED when we went on a walk with Beans. Before he would sit in the middle of the sidewalk refusing to move. Suddenly he was trotting along side me in his proper heel position. Beans only stopped when I stopped, and would slow down after I tugged on his leash if he happened to get ahead of me. Months later, Beans is STILL walking just as impressively as he was the day he returned from Solid K9 Training. We continue to implement all of the commands Beans’ was taught while in Rhode Island, mainly because they’re so SIMPLE yet so EFFECTIVE. We’re finally able to control his infamous “zoomies” outbreaks and I finally feel like I have control because Beans actually understands the commands I’m using.
Sending Beans to Jeff was an incredibly successful use of my time and money, and most importantly, we knew our dog was in safe hands. As a New York dog owner, I highly recommend sending your dog to Solid K9 Training to receive the absolute best and most effective boarding/training you will find on the East Coast – the level of attention and care Jeff provides is absolutely unparalleled… period.