I have been absolutely obsessed with all your videos and webinars!

I wanted to send you a note about how much you have helped me out with my dog, Stella. Here are a few pictures of us, you can get an idea of what our relationship is like…

So… Yeah. She is basically my only hobby. I got her when I was 19, despite the advice of everyone I knew because they thought I was too young and not ready. So, it has been my mission to prove everyone wrong. She was given to me by a girl who could not keep her, and even though she was only 3 months old, she had spent some time at the pound and the girl did not want to give her back. So, I took her in, and even though I had no experience with german shepherds, I was confident I could do it right. At about 2 years old, she got in a dog fight at the dog park. It blew my mind because she was so nice before and it seemed to come out of nowhere. After I did some research online, I learned that she was actually a pushy, bullying dog. And that was just has bad as having a straight-up aggressive dog. This was a normal dog park session for us:

  • We enter (she enters first), she lunges and chases the first dog she sees
  • She bullies smaller dogs by pawing them and not responding when I tell her to back off
  • She gets really rowdy and sprints all over the place
  • She steals other dog’s toys
  • She refuses to drop them
  • She does not listen to a word I say
  • At the end, it takes me 15 minutes to catch her in order to leave

I hired a trainer to come help me out, but he basically just pointed me to your videos and told me to get an e-collar. Since then, I have been absolutely obsessed with all your videos and webinars. I spent 2 months training rigorously. I had to basically toss everything I thought I knew out the window, as my training methods had led me to having a borderline-aggressive dog. I started training no matter what I was doing. Leash walks became something totally different, and I taught her that just because she is off leash, doesn’t mean she is totally free. I learned new ways to exercise her without just letting her sprint around, out of control. I taught her fetch, and we would go on long structured walks. I did notice she was getting a little lonely though, so I wanted to be able to have her socialize a bit off leash with other dogs. Today, I took her to the dog park for the first time in 2 months. We played some fetch, and then headed over. She was absolutely perfect. She sniffed the dogs, ran with them, and did not get pushy at all. She left the little dogs alone, and did not antagonize the big dogs. She listened to every word I said, and at the end, she came as soon as she saw me grab her leash. It was absolutely amazing and so much better than I expected after 2 months. We will continue the routine that you have taught us forever. I am so grateful for everything you have given us. My dog is an absolute angel, and I don’t have to worry about kids, rodents, other dogs or people with her anymore because she has completely transformed.

 Thank you so much!