I love you even more that I know you owned a sex store!


This may be a little long winded, but i am NOT asking anything from you, I just wanted to give positive comments! Bear with me. I Watched this one last night:

And OMG if I didn’t love you before then I really Do now! It all started 6 weeks ago, when we (my Husband, 2 kids, mini doxie, cat and I) adopted a 10 month old, 85 pound, intact male GSD. A Facebook post came across my feed from a lady needing to re-home her baby. Het Husband left her with dog. Divorce. She works 12 hour shifts. He needed more attention. So I fell in love with his face and messaged her. Background: my husband is a 14 year ARMY veteran and his last year long deployment to Afghanistan was spent with a TEDD dog named Bak. A black male GSD. When the tour is over they hand their dogs over to the Kennel staff (VLK) that were waiting on the runway when the plane touched down. What a bitter sweet moment. Coming home to your family you haven’t seen in a year but handing over your baby you lived with for a year. Anyway fast forward 4 years and here we are. I got the dog. Paid her a couple hundred bucks she gave us the AKC papers and we got him transferred in our name. He was BUCK friggen WILD!!! Zero manners. Jumping and mouthing and a wild bull on the leash. I cried the first week. Thought we made a huge mistake. Me and the kids were scratched and bruised. Husband got bitten on the hand pretty bad (not aggression but taking a piece of meat out of his hand way too excitedly) I wanted to give up but I didn’t. Then I Found You on Youtube. Watched and watched. I convinced my Hubs (who was totally against prong collars and e collars) to let me order a Herm Springer. In the Army they used choke chains only. Well, in one day we had him leash trained on the prong collar. It was like the heavens opened up and the Angels sang. I knew then that we would do this. We could keep him. He was not a lost cause. Then about 2 weeks later ( after watching more Jeff ) I sent the Hubs a link to e-collars.com and he spent the entire day researching. He is a tech dork and loves electronics. When I got home he presented me with his findings and we ordered one. We got the black one (can’t remember the model name but it is the fancy one) In one day we had him doing down/stay/come. Also the jumping on people is almost gone. And the mouthing is about 90% gone. He still wants to suck in my hands for some reason. I guess I am the mommy.

Anyway…..THANK YOU you changed our lives. We have had him 6 weeks now and he is a completely different dog than when he walked in our front door. He is so smart and actually lays down and takes nap now. The first few weeks he would only sleep when we made him take a kennel break. He was just wired 24/7. Btw he sleeps all night in kennel and stays in there if we leave the house. He does great no worries there. Potty was never a problem the previous owner did have that handled already.

Secondly when you said you sold the sex toy business to start a dog training facility i about peed my pants. Ha ha. We love you and Linda even more now. It was like fate that I found you. LOL.
image1 But just wanted to send some love and let you know that you are helping people. Here is a pic of our boy

Thanks again!
-lucky in Kentucky