I want to thank Jeff for helping all these dogs and owners with his online videos.

I had never owned a dog in my life. I had no experience whatsoever with man’s best friend.

We decided to get a dog and gave a dog in need a home. Everything was great or so we thought until out of nowhere this dog warned my husband by growling and air snaps a couple of times. Being inexperienced with dogs
and not wanting to take any chance with the kids around we have rehomed this dog.

I already hear all the judgment, but life is a learning journey where perfection does not exist.

Missing this dog I began to do some serious research on dog training. Yes research on how to train a dog without the dog. lol
So I learned how to dance everywhere with treats in my hands.
I did some research on a breeds and decided I was ready to get my dream breed. A German Shepherd.
So I adopted a 4 month old German Shepherd who clearly needed a home. And we started dancing.
Haha. Oh everything was going well. I was turning non stop on walks with treats and being goofy to get him to follow me.
Treats, a flat collar and a leash. I got lots of compliments on how good of a trainer I was. Even if my dog wasn’t walking properly on the leash! I think people found me entertaining.
Walks were awful. But I didn’t give up, my shoulders hurt badly and after a couple of months this training was getting me no where. Months at dancing like a fool with no results I started to become frustrated. My Dog started to lung and bark at dogs on wouldn’t take treats anymore no matter what they were so I tried to walk like I owned the place. Which is impossible to keep calm and assertive when your dog acts out on a flat collar or a easy walk harness. It was at a point where he started lunging and barking at people now. That’s when I knew that things were getting out of hand. So I checked his body language while he was making a scene one day. Although it looked pretty aggressive there was no aggression whatsoever. he had a low tail wagging at a medium pace barking with a midrange pitch and hackles up. No teeth showing no high rigid tail no low range pitch barking. So he was either aroused/excited or fearful. I had to do something but can’t afford a trainer.

It was as if my dog was saying ‘’Hey boss, this dancing around and treat thing isn’t going to work with me.’’

That is when I met my match! Solidk9 training videos on youtube.
I got my dog a prong collar. And I don’t care what anyone says about this because within 10 minutes wearing that collar my dog was walking beside me. He lunged once at a person and never lunged again. Witin 1 day Instead of lunging at dogs he just barks and kind of cries as if saying ‘’ Oh I can’t go see them or make them go away’’ Don’t get me wrong he isn’t crying because the prong collar is hurting him he actually whines while he is sitting beside me not moving. Loose leash at all times. He is just learning, like I did. Within 2 days of walking with the prong collar my dog stopped hiding behind me and being scared of trucks. I was amazed by that. That’s when I understood that we both gained a lot of confidence. I walk without struggling and he is also walking more relaxed. I also noticed that when I do obedience training with the prong that he takes me more seriously and he is not unhappy at all he looks more relaxed then when I was dancing around.

I read this article where they are against the prong because of a dog who was killed by it. Ridiculous article. Yes the dog died because it was hung on a tree off the ground by the prong for almost 1 minute as a punishment. That is unacceptable and miss use of the prong. If it would have been done with a flat collar the dog would probably have died too. That is plain abuse.

I am very passionate about dog training. I tried every method. I am sticking with Jeff’s method now.

Because it works. Because my dog is actually gaining confidence. Because I feel Jeff is a fair trainer. With Jeff it’s not about blaming everything on the owner like most trainers do. And he doesn’t blame everything on the dog either like a lot of trainers would recommend the dog to death row.

For all those major dog lovers who are not fond of the prong. The prong when properly used is saving dog lives.

I want to thank Jeff for helping all these dogs and owners with his online videos. I have great respect for his way of training dogs and owners in a very fair way.

Thank you.