I watched several of your videos and became convinced.

We adopted Gracie, a mutt, probably a Springer Spaniel/JRT cross with who knows what else, about 5 months ago. We brought her home because she was so sweet with us. Nothing was sad about her dog reactivity.

I was shocked by her lunging and barking at other dogs. (She sounds serious!) My last dog was a Lab/Setter mush pie, so this was all new to me. I could no longer walk her with my dog walking friends. I live in Everett WA, in the Pacific Northwest. Everybody in this town has a dog, believe me! Some have 2 or 3. Walking her was absolutely miserable.

This is the sad part. We spent hundreds of dollars on private trainers, with no success. Last night I was trolling YouTube for help, as I have done many many nights in the past 5 months. I had planned to take her back to the shelter this very day, but I thought I would just see what I could find one last time. I had seen your videos before but never watched an entire episode because I thought prong collars were “evil”. I did happen to have one because one of the trainers I hired fitted Gracie with one, but I never used it. Well, I sat up late and watched several of your videos and became convinced. This morning I put the prong collar on Gracie for our morning walk, and let me tell you, she is NOT going back to the shelter! We had such a nice walk I was wishing we could walk all day. We saw other dogs across the street. A few days ago she would have gone crazy barking and lunging and acting like a nut case. We walked calmly by the dogs with no problem. Something about that prong collar made her incredibly calm.

Well, I just wanted to thank you. You’re the best, Jeff! Gracie and Hubby and I thank you!