If you give Jeff the opportunity to give you the kind of dog you have only dreamed of you will get your dream dog and then some.

My husband and I decided to add two Labradors to the family Tucker (black) and Topper (chocolate). They were absolutely great pups but very, very unruly. I have two boys and with the puppies it was like having four toddlers and two teenagers. They didn’t listen when I would call them, they would not sit and stay, they would put their paws on counters to get food, and walking well let’s just say I was the one being walked. Whenever another dog or person would approach it would take all my strength to hold them back. Not being aggressive at all but just wanting to play. So my friend Tracy referred me to Jeff and let me tell you I can take BOTH of them anywhere at the same time. This is truly shocking. Jeff has a way with them. He has accomplished everything I wanted and more. My husband and I were so happy that every time we go away we continue with reinforcement by leaving them with Jeff. They go to Jeff’s and he works on new things with them and reinforces what they have learned. I refer Jeff to EVERYONE I talk to. I was in an accident and had been unable to walk them because of back issues now being able to walk them not only one at a time but both at the same time is unreal no matter the distraction the dogs listen to my command and keep on going. I take both of them to soccer games with a lot of younger children on the sidelines and they sit and stay no matter what child approaches they are very careful with them thanks to Jeff and his beautiful little daughters who are truly BIG helpers. They teach the dogs to be careful around kids. I mean if you know labs they get very excited around kids. Kids are excitement. Now they are careful there is no more knocking kids over or running around and jumping they are perfect gentlemen. My six year old niece has complete control of them now if she says go to your place they go. My boys have no problems walking them to the beach when they are called they come it doesn’t matter how many geese they are chasing, if they are playing with other neighborhood dogs they come as they should is what Jeff says. He is truly a gifted person with dogs as are his daughters Romy and Clover. Tucker and Topper now wait when I open the door for a walk no matter how long it takes me to get my things together they wait. It is a pleasure to have them so well behaved and to have people comment on how well behaved they are. Tracy who has two German Sheppard’s trained by Jeff and I take all four dogs for walks. She walks in front with her two and I walk behind then we switch so that I am in front and hers are behind and they love being together but walking they completely behave even though their doggie friends are within sniffing they do what they are told. People look and have actually stopped to see two women walking four big dogs with no issues at all. It is a great feeling. Honestly if you have any questions feel free to email me or Jeff has my contact numbers you can call and ask but any issue your dog has or something you want him to accomplish it will get done. If you give Jeff the opportunity to give you the kind of dog you have only dreamed of you will get your dream dog and then some. Thanks

Diane and Rick