Impressed by your way of explaining prong collar.

I recently read your arrival on prong collar training. I’m so impressed by your way of explaining how it works that I felt compelled to email you.

Recently my husband and I adopted a four year old Pitbull from our local shelter. He’s an amazing lovable dog inside the house, however our walks were hell. I had 60 lbs of pure muscle dragging me down the street and my neighbors were beginning to fear their lives.

Just last night we decided to try out the prong collar, because we’d all had enough of not so fun walks. I was immediately amazed as to how fast the correction worked! Within minutes of putting it on him we were walking without a single tug. This morning we walked again with the prong collar and to tugging!

Pitbulls in my opinion are often misjudged. I’ve grown up with them and think they deserve a chance! Thank you for your reading, I’m now able to educate others about the prong collar and Gus and I can have awesome walks!! Thanks again!

Neely D. (Lakewood, Co)