In 3 days, I now have my dogs in Heel!

11900088_903133663092561_7676373328674270213_nI choose to write down here, because i want to THANK SO MUCH both of you, Sean and Jeff. I’m from Brazil, (so please excuse my english) and adopted a “wherever mix” dog in march 2014. She seems very “sad” and so i gave her looooots of affection, and then BAM: separation anxiety in my first week. I didn´t know that’s even a “thing” called “separation anxiety”, oh my god!! But at the time, my research are all in portuguese, and then I try all sorts of “humane” methods, cause it’s ALL you can find!!! The sinthoms has escalated, and my dog now salivates so bad that makes puddles on my floor frown emoticon Then, one day, i try to put the term in english, and i saw this video by Jeff Gellman “Separation Anxiety Can be Stopped”. I NEVER have seen a “crate trainnig”. Every dog here in my country has a bed, never a crate! Just if you wanna travel with it! I was surprise, but you speak so confident! Then I ran out to a petstore, at the same day, and bought one in 5 instalments. And it worked!!! I was so thankfull and happy smile emoticon From this day on, I never missed any video! I taugth sit, down, place and then, one day, you (Jeff) shared a post on your blog, bySean O’shea, “Honor your dog, honor yourself” Wel, what could I say… i guess i read your entire blog “in one gulp”, because the separation anxiety was ok, and she walks nicely on the leash until… another dog appears! She goes crazy and my corrections seemed worthless. I used choke chains, because prong collars are not so easy to find, they have a bad fame here, not just because it’s a prong, but because “made in Brazil” it’s not so good, they could hurt the dog, and then i was very afraid to use them. The one you indicates, Herm Sprenger, gets too expansive for me to import, and the e-collar, completely out of question (VERY expensive). Well, I taught her to wait for food, thresholds, and was still practicing the Heel command. To “help” improve her social skills, i decided to have another dog, another mix that i took from the streets, and with all the knowledge that i have at this time, the adaptation was 100% succes!! But in time, my new dog started to imitate his sister and became dog reactive as well. I stoped everything! And watched again the prong collar videos, from you and from Jeff, and decided to take a chance with the “brazilian ones”. And that’s the reason I came here today, to say a huuuuge THANK YOU, because in 3 days i now have my dogs in Heel!!! And i have compliance on the corrections! I’m so glad that people like you guys, share on the internet so great videos, and posts, and thoughts about it. I feel like you are my friends! Love to watch Q&A, loving the news videos by Jeff on “Philosophy”, and all the stuffs! At the moment, I’m saving money for the DVD and then, i just can’t wait to reach my new goal: fly to USA for a Train the Trainers: Presented by Sean O’Shea and Jeff Gellman with you to become what have become my great passion: a dog trainner. Love you all, God Bless, and Thank you again. You’re the best!!!

PS: Laura, i just want you to know, that you are my hero ^^ heart emoticon