Jeff I am so Thankful!

Hi Jeff,

I adopted a year old deaf dal/lab fixed male in May of this year. Had to use bolt cutters to remove him from tree and dog house. Owner didn’t want him cause he wouldn’t listen. Yes the owner knew he was deaf, even had him fixed to “calm” him down. Sparkey was a jumper at the time and being deaf would have red tagged him at the pound. So I drove home with a new pet, and had no clue what to do.

In the past I had raised from puppies and trained our pets that consisted of a few mutts, a Sharpei, and a basset hound. So I started reading and came across your videos. What a life saver for us!

I bought a prong collar and we began training. Sparkey now walks excellent on the leash, he has learned to sit at intersections and wait for my movement. Due to his jumping on people, now when someone approaches he sits on the grass next to the sidewalk and waits for the person to pass us.

Sparkey has mastered hand signals of come, sit, ball, walk, car ride and back. We are still working on down and place. I was ready to purchase a remote E collar for him when my health took a dump.

After a few weeks in the hospital and being bed ridden at home for a month his training fell to the wayside. I have been watching all the videos and periscopes that you have made public and thank you so much for them. Now that I am slightly mobile we have returned to training. We are working on down and also to ignore and co-exist with the cats in the house.

My grown kids know all I want for Christmas is an E collar for the dog, so that training will begin after Christmas. Once again thank you for all the excellent instructions on dog training.

When Sparkey first entered our home he loved having real dog food and that made it super easy for training was done with his daily food allowance.

The fist time I gave Sparkey a ball he had no idea what to do with it, he had no social or play skills. Guess living chained to a tree and dog house was the best life for him. He now has a select group of dogs that he plays with. I remember what you said about dog parks and we do not go ever. Being deaf and in a yard without a fence, Sparkey is either on his leash or his 100 foot lead. His dog friends have fenced yards so he gets to run often. One of his dog friends has an inground pool and using your instructions I taught him how to swim this past summer. Sparkey has blossomed into a wonderful dog with your help.

Kennel up is not one of his favorite things to do, but he does it and does not complain. He has a bed in the living room and a bed in my room which he loves. But I know place is necessary to learn for all of us.

Every year around this time I like to write people that I am thankful for in my life. Although I have never personally met you, you have become a household word for us. Before I was sick Sparkey and I would walk six miles every evening and explore the neighborhood. Walking through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and checking out our local park system are the highlights of our days. I have also found the wide aisles of our Home Depot are great for training purposes, and provides the necessary distractions for proper training.

This Halloween I was still not to mobile, but many of the neighbor kids were amazed to see Sparkey sitting on the porch with me handing out candy. Guess the training really worked.

I love on our walks when all the neighbor dogs start to bark and Sparkey just walks with his head held high and remains quiet. Many people comment on that and I say that is how he is trained – don’t think they need to know he is deaf.

Prior to Sparkey coming into our lives, it had been 4 years without a dog in the house and I am amazed at how much I missed having a companion around.

Once again, thank you for all the advice and videos and for free! We do appreciate all your experience.

Enjoy your four month family vacation/working tour of the USA.

Best regards,