Jeff is an expert in his profession of dog training

Jeff Gellman is a man who has a cause, tells you what it is, and fiercly fights for that cause. A man who really wears his heart on his sleeve, so to speak. His work as a public radio personality and a real world dog trainer reflect his passion. His radio show (what would Jeff do) is powerful and has a huge audience to send his message out. I advertise on his show both to support his cause and frankly it’s good for my business too. He practices what he preaches, I’ve seen his facility, his staff, and family and they all strive for a world in which dogs can live with humans in harmony, and where humans completely stop killing dogs. If you have a chance to affiliate with Jeff in any way and pass it up, you’re making a HUGE mistake. He is an expert in his profession of dog training and an incredible marketing mind as well. Cheers Jeff for all you do.

"Handy" Mike