Jeff is an incredibly caring person and he is very passionate about saving dogs lives and working with his clients to ensure that we have well balanced dogs

Recently a local TV Station ran a report on Prong Collars, featuring information from my website & youtube videos in a negative light. (Please note, though stated otherwise, I was never contacted by this TV Station for this report and was never interviewed by them.) One of my Clients, Jane Stevenson, sent this to the TV Station in response:
Dear I-Team,
I watched your I-Team segment recently on prong collars and wanted to comment you as I feel you were given some inaccurate facts from the person you interviewed.
I live in Newport, RI and I did all the local puppy classes here when we got our new puppy. After completing these classes we still couldn’t walk our dog on a leash with out pulling and she would also bark and lunge randomly at people and baby strollers etc. She was fine in puppy class so all the trainers pretty much dismissed my questioning about how to handle this unwanted behavior.
Eventually we found Jeff Gellman with Solid K9 Training, who came highly recommend to us by a friend, and at that point I was almost to the point of desperation! My husband and I hired Jeff the minute we met him as he was able to immediately get our dog walking calmly on a leash using no force or negative punishment… quite the opposite – our dog was excited and engaged in the training session because she understood exactly what Jeff was asking her to do! Quite literally, within minutes, he had her walking calmly on a leash… and yes, he was using a prong collar. There was no choking or dragging or crazy behavior from that point on. It was clear that the prong collar was very safe for our dog and for us too because we were no longer getting dragged around by our large dog and she was no longer choking herself.
I felt like your I-Team segment put a negative message out there about a dog training tool that is very safe and very humane and if fitted correctly, very positive for the dog. Also, the person you interviewed was using a stuffed dog as her model which didn’t really give the story a lot of credibility in my eyes. I found myself wondering where was her well trained dog, and why wasn’t her dog sitting calmly by her side while your TV crew filmed her in the back yard? Honestly, if you would like to come to my house and interview me about the positive use of a prong collar, I would love to show you how to fit one correctly using my my two 11 month old 80 pound dogs as my models and even go for a walk in the neighborhood with the two of them wearing prong collars and have you film that!!! And with confidence I can tell you that I would be able to put them into a down// stay afterwards, where they would probably fall asleep, while you interviewed me.
We are doing so great with our dogs now and I’m proud to walk them out in public and often get complimented on how well behaved they are so I would love to show the other side of this story. May I also add that Jeff is an incredibly caring person and he is very passionate about saving dogs lives and working with his clients to ensure that we have well balanced dogs… which in his eyes ultimately equates to less dogs in shelters and less dogs being killed unnecessarily every year.

Jane Stevenson