Jeff’s training didn’t just benefit my dog…he trained me.

I attended Jeff Gellman’s two day RV seminar with an insecure and VERY leash reactive dog who lacked self confidence. I left with a dog whose emotions were controlled, whose confidence was heightened, and whose bad behavior was corrected and controllable. I left with a dog that could be on leash in a group of dogs, that could stay in down in a high distraction area, and a new side to her owner that was confident and calm. I used to be in fear to walk my dog around our block, but now I believe I have been given the tools to allow me to take an enjoyable walk with my dog. I really cant express how grateful I am to the changes Jeff helped me achieve. Jeff’s training didn’t just benefit my dog, but he trained me. He showed me that my dog was capable of being corrected and that she wasn’t dog aggressive, she was just leash reactive. He gave me something that was a change of lifestyle not just a tool. So thank you again, Jeff; you really have changed our lives.