Just wanted to say thank you for everything!

Hello Jeff, Sean and Laura,

Just wanted to say thank you for everything! I could not stay quiet my whole way home talking to my friend about everything and how much this seminar was life changing. You guys both opened my eyes and helped me understand the reasons behind your actions and just helped me become a better person in general. Even though i am still young, I feel as if i understood just as well as anyone else did when it came to self assessing ourselves being that i am young. I did not feel that people where looking at me as just a 17 year old kid who is just here just to be here and does not know what he is doing but as a potential trainer and that felt incredible. I felt equal and that is something i definitely was struggling with in my life, but i wont get into that (hahaha). I learned so much, a lot more than i expected to learn and i did not only leave today with just better dog training skills but with better business skills more than anything. I thought that the dog training section was going to be more what i would be looking forward to but when the psychological aspects of everything came out and the reason behind everything i was astonished and just wanted to keep on learning more and more. I left with more of a business sense and exceptional training skills that i hope to put to the test soon which i actually might be able to. I have my first client, (someone who has seen Georgie’s skills when he came back from your board and train and knew that Jeff Gellman worked with him and knew that i went to a training seminar with Jeff, now she wants me to train her dog because I went to Jeff’s training) she goes to my parents studio and I don’t think it is too soon to start because i really want to put what i learned to the test and she is more than excited. I do want to still evaluate her no matter what because who knows, maybe she is not someone i want to work with. Im going to see that when i get to talk to her more on monday afternoon. She says the main problem she is having is that her dog is “human aggressive”, kids trigger her “aggression” and excessive barking. I plan to talk to her more about the exact problems but that was just an quick overview. I know for a fact that you are extremely busy so i won’t write pages saying thank you( which i actually probably could), but yes Thank you once again. I hope i can hear back from you soon. Take care! and Thank You once again.