Jeff you saved a dogs life today

Jeff, you may not realize it but you saved lives today.
I have Harley, 100 lbs Black Lab. My first dog was a mini poodle when I was 6 years old. I had dogs of many breeds ever since and went to training classes most of my life with them but never really got good results until watching your amazing free content. There was 1 exception. I had a black lab that recently passed at 12. I got him at 7 weeks old from the MIRA foundation. Both his parents were guide dogs for the blind but he did not pass and I was lucky enough to get him. He was like no other dog I ever had. He was easy on or off leash, with or without distraction but only for me.
Now my life saving point(s) that I want to make. I obtained another B lab that needed a home. I did not choose B lab because of prior experience. Coincidence. This one is total opposite from the one just passed. He is horrible. Got out of the yard between my fingers last month. I had a month of horror. Confinement, police, ambulance, etc. He was surrounded by a gang who started beating him. He bit one of them. Small puncture on the hand. That is over and I was at the point of saying I am not a good dog owner. I was ready to give him up. 0% recall off leash and maybe 20% on leash. Too much for me. I “fell” on one of your YouTube videos and it changed everything. (A month ago) I got the prong collar and studied you videos on use and safety, etc. He walks like a charm now. I attach it to a choke chain because he is a Houdini. Went out today, my usual routine. Walk to the bakery for fresh bread. Tie him outside while I run in for one bread and out again. He must have twisted his prong collar and on the way home it snapped apart. My heart skipped a beat thinking of you. Great walks because of you. Safe walk because of you. If he only had the prong I would not be sitting here now. I would be running the streets just inches behind him. Thank you. I am waiting on the E collar. Finances. Will have it next week. Bonker is done and used. He is smart. Knows sit, down, paw, etc. But chooses not to listen. This is long, I apologize but I want to write a testimonial to the effectiveness of your work and methods. A month ago I was told that he needs to go. He is too much for me. I had poor results before. You saved his life because not everyone would put up with this behaviour. You empowered me to keep working but also how to do so. I felt useless. I tried and worked hard without a lot of success. You need to work smart, not hard. I tell everyone about you. I have limited mobility. He can hurt me with his strength and bad behaviour. People who criticize the barbaric tools; Bonker, prong, stim, etc. Are nuts. This dog would either cause me extreme financial and emotional liability, injury or his own euthanasia. Sure the punishments will be harder at first but once he gets with the program we will live happily ever after. I cannot thank you enough. This needs to be posted in big red letters for everyone to see. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Annie Holliday