Loving my dog!

Thank you so much for posting DIY videos on youtube or your site. I SO wish I googled you and e-collars before putting up my freaking 20g fence to contain him so he wouldn’t chase cars, strollers, other dogs that walk by, etc… We have gone from trainer to trainer. None of them used your methods, except a prong, but he was so smart, he knew when it was on and when it was off. We still have so much work to do with him regarding other dogs, but now he’s an angel in the yard with no dog distractions around him, he finally leaves the chickens and cat alone, and he shuts himself off when he comes in, where before he couldn’t tell the difference with the inside of the house versus the outside. He has scratched up our beautiful wood floors chasing the cat around, but now he gently walks on the wood floors and says hi to her, but doesn’t chase her. I am ever grateful. I no longer view an e-collar as the devil and we are starting to have success at the dog park with recall using it, which makes my heart melt when he comes even though he is so excited about doggy socializing. I just love him more now!!!!

Moh Vang