My dog stopped pulling on leash within 20-30 seconds of using suggested technique by Jeff!!

My 11 month old Duck Tolling Retriever, Frankie has a lot of energy and he pulled on the leash so hard that he would literally drag me down the street. At times he would just suddenly bolt and it felt as if my arm would come out of the socket! So taking him out for walks was something I dreaded. I actually started hiring a service to walk him 3 times a week just to give me a break. I came across Jeff’s video “Stop leash pulling in 5 min”. He showed that he used a prong collar and then showed an example of the whole process with a dog from his class. I had seen this collar at the pet store but never knew what it was used for and was a bit apprehensive. He explained in detail about the collar and had another link to a video showing the correct way to use it. I immediately trusted that this technique would work due to his knowledge and that he cared enough to explain everything in detail about the collar, placement of collar and hand movements to use. When I used the collar and technique with Frankie he literally stopped pulling within 20-30 sec and was walking next to me without much correction from me! This was the first time I have ever taken him out and actually came back smiling. I have watched a lot of Jeff’s other videos and thought about implementing them with Frankie and after this result, I am definitely going to use his technique to train Frankie. Thanks to Jeff for putting these videos out!! You are saving a lot of pet owners years of aggravation and stress… Now we can enjoy our now well behaved pets a bit more. Thanks again to Jeff!!
Amber Loschiavo & Frankie

Amber Loschiavo