My only regret was not reaching out to you sooner…

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all that you & Solid K9 Training have done for us. My only regret was not reaching out to you sooner…
We came to Jeff in late winter 2011 to work with my wife & I in training our 3 dogs (Black Lab, St. Bernard & Mix). We always knew we had great dogs…they were well behaved and obedient (when they wanted to be). They went everywhere and did everything with us (even though we often struggled and found it di”cult) – but they were a part of our family, so the struggle was always worth it! But at the end of the day, we knew that we needed some serious help. The standard ‘treat-training’ or indoor obedience training just wasn’t effective nor worth the time or money. The more we listed to Je!’s radio show, the more he seemed like a strong fit for us. After attending one of his seminars I knew this was the route for our dogs and us.
Specifically we turned to Solid K9 Training for O!-Leash Training and Socialization with other dogs. We have always done o!-leash work with the dogs on a daily basis over 100 acres of fields and trails, but the concern of wildlife, other dogs, running away, etc was always in our mind. We opted to train with the e-collars and within one session, all three dogs took to the new commands. Additionally, we were pleasantly surprised at our door with Max, Uma, Ronan & Roca to aid in the socialization skills. It couldn’t have gone any better! Jeff’s presence alone was enough to notice a di!erence in the way my dogs behaved around other dogs, but the actual training and advice was invaluable.
I can’t remember the last time I’ve used the function of the e-collar (although always worn when o!-leash), as the dogs are 100% in-tune with the Voice Commands, and furthermore, I have absolutely no worries when coming across other dogs when out walking on or o!-leash.
With a 1-year-old daughter at home, this training and the household management techniques have made our life extremely easy! And most importantly, we’ve definitely unleashed the true spirit of dogs (and myself) in a safe and effective way… Looking back at the training, it was my wife and I who were trained properly. Can’t thank you enough. We look forward to having you back to the fields as soon as the hay is bailed.
To anyone who is considering dog training, for whatever the issue, owes it to their dog(s) and themselves to, at the very least, give Je! a call and discuss their options. We went to Jeff with 2 specific concerns and what we received was far greater than two training techniques… It was life changing for our pack! Thank you.

Adam, Kate, & Lyndee