Place – a life saver!

Jeff, thank you so much for all of the free content you make available. I cannot tell you how much of a difference your advice has made for our dog, Arya. We still have a far way to go, but your methods have been so helpful. Your advice on Periscope, Facebook, and the DIY section have been invaluable and the teaching is . Learning “place” created sanity in our home. Arya, our fairly recent rescue, would literally run around the house in circles trying to get to upstairs to our cats (she didn’t know stairs and she’s reactive to dogs and cats, so a very frustrating situation). Along with that, she had never learned how to relax, was fearful and submissive to the point of urinating if we made eye contact with her. Quite a challenge. “Place” gave us a tool to quiet her down and stop the pacing. It gave her a safe spot to go to when she wants to chill out. What a great tool to have and the videos and teaching you have broadcasted are excellent. Thank you so much!

Angela Slitt