Results from watching your videos on “place” and on “come,” on prong collar usage, on remote collar training.

I rarely take the time to write testimonials though I know I should when a service or product is worthy 🙂

Your presence on the internet, your videos, your calm and helpful demeanor have enabled me to change the ONE thing that I desperately wanted to change about my relationship with my two dogs. By watching your videos on “place” and on “come,” on prong collar usage, on remote collar training I became confident enough to embark on the recall training that had eluded me. Yesterday I was able for the first time in 5 years to enjoy a long hike in the Saugatuck Dunes State Park with Maddy and Milo with them off leash. Thanks to you. And as a bonus, after working with them at the door greeting, they have improved a ton.

Maddy and Milo are 6 yr-old mixed-hound (blue tick?) rescues. Maddy came to us at 4 months, and a year later, her litter-mate, Milo, when he was returned by his first adoptive family. They have been very good dogs – people praise them all the time- running, biking, roller blading with me. They know “STOP” and “wait” and were pretty good at “heel.” I had to have these commands to take two 65 lb dogs on these activities. But, if they were off leash in the woods near our house they were GONE and might not come back for 3 hours. We had several incidents of injuries, the cause of which we couldn’t know. And Milo was shot with bird shot by a neighbor when he did not leave off chasing a fox on that neighbors property. Eventually I just wouldn’t take off the leashes which meant less enjoyment hiking for me. We use a wireless fence at the house which they obey 99.9% of the time.

Here was my basic approach. I started slowly and deliberately taking several weeks at first in the house with leashes and “place” and “come.” Then I moved outside to fenced areas within a 10 min drive, again with “come” and “heel.” Then I began with one stim collar on one dog with short walks and finally moved to two stim collars and both dogs. Yesterday was the big test and they passed with flying colors. I can hardly describe my joy and my excitement about hiking more often with them. They have different levels of sensitivity to the stimulation, Milo sticks pretty close to my side which is OK as I know he’ll become more comfortable over time. I expect also over time that they will respond to the buzz and not require the stim very often.

Anyway, thanks for ready and thanks for being out there available to people such as myself all over the world. If I could pick one thing to praise it would be the way you exuded confidence in the viewers ability to recreate the situation and result that was being viewed. I needed that particularly. You have made a big difference!