She’s a BRAND NEW dog!

I found you on YouTube last week and watched nearly all your videos in one sitting. My boyfriend was having NONE of the idea of putting a prong collar on our baby until I made him watch some of your videos and he saw how gentle of a person you are. We have a beautiful white GSD who is extremely crazy on her leash- and who got even crazier after she broke her leg last year and had to go really easy on her leg for 6 months. Now whenever we go out of the house it’s like she is making up for lost time and goes so crazy I can’t walk her by myself! With all the vet bills for the broken leg, I knew hiring a trainer was out of the question. I watched so many different training videos on YouTube, and tried so many of them. Nothing worked, ever. Zora is completely uninterested in food. She is stubborn, but she loves us. She is a lap dog and a big kisser. She is my comfort dog, but I always wanted to take her out with me when I leave the house. She’s great in the back yard and at home- so long as no one comes over and we don’t take her out the front door into the ‘real world.’ I bought the collar Monday, and trained with her the last three days in the back yard getting used to the collar and being calm. The first day was rough, she hated the collar and is the biggest baby about any sort of surprise touch that I almost gave up on trying because she was throwing such a fit- crying, jumping around… after about 10 mins she finally realized I wasn’t hurting her, and we got down to walking around the yard. The second day she let me put the collar on with no resistance, and within 2 mins was walking right by my side. Today, we went out the front door. We worked on walking through the door calmly for 10 mins until she finally got it- going out the front door isn’t permission to go crazy, it’s just a door. Then the most amazing thing happened- I took HER on a walk! It’s the first time since she was a pup that I felt like I was the one in control of where we were going, how fast we were going, when we stopped… Thank you so much for my new dog. We’re going to go at this slowly, but I now have the confidence that we can train her to walk, greet guests, place when we need her to, and maybe even stop barking at cats when the walk by the house!

Sarah Williams