Simply Fantastic-Thank You!!!

I’ve spent quite a few hours over many months looking at the various videos and training CD’s available online. I only recently came across your videos. Wow. Just wow. No site or trainer comes close to your skills or ability to communicate those training skills. This email is just to say thank you for all the info you have put out and kudos for everything you do, how you do it, and your philosophy/attitude about dog training and just life. You have been the highlight of my three day fourth of July weekend!

I’ve always been a fairly decent leader and trainer for my dogs including off leash e-collar training and, like you, have always been amazed at how out of control so many dog owners are of their dogs. But although we’ve had pretty decently trained dogs (amazing to people who have totally out of control dogs) I have learned more from a half a day of watching your videos than in all the years of dog training information I’ve ever seen or read (you should replace Caeser the “dog whisperer” and all his showboating shows!).

Another aspect of your material that has had a huge impact is the use of the e-collar. The local training guru in our city (with a facility smaller but similar to yours) is opposed to e-collar use. Although we went through her program with two dogs, I took it on myself to use an e-collar anyway but never let her know I was using it. I sometimes questioned if perhaps I should be following her advice on not using one. But I continued to us it. I started with a sport dog, then got an educator before I’d ever heard of you. Although I pursued their use, I sometimes doubted myself on their use. It has been a tremendous boost to my confidence in this approach after seeing your videos that confirm for me that the proper use of e-collars are invaluable in training

I have two Vizlas who, as you know, love/need to run. I used to feel a little guilty when people would give me those looks for using an e-collar (or prong collars for that matter) for training. While I would get looks and comments that this was cruel, I felt that allowing my dogs to be off leash allowed them to be the dogs they are and that being constantly tethered to a leash was what was actually cruel. But I would still have those little pangs of guilt or questioning of myself when I would get those looks. Thanks to your videos, I now have total confidence in this approach. It has taken my pleasure of working with my dogs to a new level.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything. Because I derive so much enjoyment from my dogs, you are one of those folks that have had a true impact on my life. Perhaps sounds a little dramatic to say about someone I’ve only been exposed to by you tube videos, but is nonetheless true for me.

Best to you