Stella and I have made 100x more progress in 3 months, than in the last 3 years.

Dear Jeff, Linda, and the team at SolidK9Training,

I don’t even know where to start. The change in our family’s life has been a complete 180 since stumbling across your content.

Life has gone from working with multiple trainers and being told to put our dog down because there was, “nothing that they could do…” and now I get daily compliments from Neighbors about my, “rock star dog.” 

Thank you. 

Dog training aside, you guys’ attitude towards life has inspired me to make significant changes in how I go about my day. 

Life was getting difficult as an infertile military family, and it seemed that even in training our dog that there wasn’t anything we could change no matter how hard we tried. We put in the work with pure positive.  Stella got worse. We tried new trainers. No change, and they gave up on working with us.

It was getting to the point where I thought Stella might have some mental issues, (being abused to near death as a pup) and approx 3 months ago I was looking through YouTube one last time to try and see if there were any training tactics I had not tried. After coming across your videos, we were hooked!

Stella and I have made 100x more progress in 3 months, than in the last 3 years. I can see her wheels turning. I can sense she gets it! And so do I. It’s pretty satisfying that a hired trainer didn’t fix my dog. I did with the proper guidance! YOUR guidance!

And Thanks to the meerkat / periscope /radio show conversations I have had with you, my cat and dog no longer irritate each other, we know boundaries, we are masters of place, prong collar heel, recall, downstays, and this week we are, “graduating” to remote collar heeling. And I know we can do it smile emoticon 

I educate all of my friends and neighbors about the prong collar, and have saved my friend’s previously bratty dog from being put down after they had a baby. SolidK9Training videos to the rescue!!!

Your straightforward approach to life has also helped me in my work. With moving for my husband’s work, I spend my days helping others as an online “counselor” (of sorts) for free. You helped me realize that I can charge for what I do. Now I am training others in that org, I am getting PAID and working more hours. All because I spoke up. 

You’ve also helped me learn to say no to negative people, be my husband’s cheerleader, filter what I put into my head and allow into our life. This has helped my mental health at work TREMENDOUSLY.

So bottom line, Thank you!!! If I ever have a day where I feel afraid and like I can’t do it, I read Angelo’s wise words, put my boots on and get the work done! 

You’re all amazing! 

New update! We have had house guests for the last few days, and it has been going WONDERFULLY. I can’t believe this is my dog haha. Right now she is calm in, “place,” while we all watch TV together. Before she would be freaking out in her kennel.