Thank you so much for sharing your videos!

Hi Jeff… I just wanted you to know that your an awesome dog trainer! After watching one video of a reactive dog being trained by you, I tried this exercise on my 18 month old male gsd. And guess what! Less than one minute I had him heeling. He’s been to two basic obedience classes, passed both, but he was leash reactive and I wasn’t getting the help I need to solve his issue. Thunder can’t even look at his own reflection or a statue on someone’s porch without freaking out. Let alone walk past a dog, and sometimes people. But my first step was to get him to heel. So my next step is to watch more of your videos on handling the dog, people, his shadow, you name it things without him freaking out. This crazy boy almost passed his cgc test, but soon as he completed all 10 exercises, he jumped up as a trainer walked by him. I never thought he would even get that far, because he is leash reactive and has had some explosion in class. But watching just 1 of your videos on getting a pitti whom was on death row to heel, and then when I tried it on my boy and it worked, I thought there is hope out there. You showed me the right technique that works! Thank you so much for sharing your videos. I live in an apartment, so getting him under control is a must. My next step was to call a former k9 officer whom opened up a business, training dogs, which specializes in gsd. But if I got him to heel, I’m sure I can resolve his other issues, when walking down the street, reactive to dogs/people and other objects that he sees. The people thing really bothers me! He a gsd and he freaks people out, when he acts like an ass. And I don’t want to get thrown out of my apt. I love my boy, he’s very smart, but some things, weren’t getting through to him, I didn’t have his full attention. But I just got a break through! Your the best thanks again!

Kathy D.