Thank you so much for your website and videos!

Just wanted to thank you so much for your website an videos. Until recently, I was not making much progress with my two rescue dogs and had almost lost any and all hope in their anxiety / fearful aggression rehabilitation.

Attached is a pic of us practicing our place command and socialization.

A month ago, these two dogs could not even be in the same room, together. I have also just introduced the prong collars to both dogs, and as of last week we are now ALL walking together. We still have a long ways to go, many challenges to overcome, and a lot to learn (myself included). Again, thank you so much. I visit you page daily, have watched all of your videos… and am also looking to introduce the remote collar to my pups a well. I am no “dog whisperer” by any means… but I do love my dogs… more than I could ever express in one simple note.