Thanks for all the free videos.

Hi Jeff,

Just a quick note of appreciation for the wonderful videos and information you post on your YouTube channel. I recently worked with a local trainer here in South Florida who adopts a very similar training philosophy and style to you. I refer to your e-collar videos often as they serve as a great reinforcement of the techniques that I learned. As you state many times in your videos, e-collars are misunderstood training tools that are remarkable at effectively shaping a dog’s behavior. My 16-month old male lab, Brady, is no longer the “typical lab” that jumps on everyone in the house or bolts out the door like the house is on fire! He’s really responded well to training and is reaching the potential that I knew he had in him.

Thanks again for all the great information. And a quick PS, I am a fellow Rhode Islander – if I were still there I would have certainly been a client!