Thanks for all the great info online.


I don’t have any specific motive or anything to ask for in this email, but I just feel compelled to contact you and say that I have recently come across your training videos and have been so impressed. I have been impressed not only by your training, but by your realistic and down-to-earth philosophy. I can already tell that you have impacted an enormous number of people and dogs with your work, and your willingness to share and make it available is so wonderful.

I’m a lifelong dog owner, but never really studied training techniques before. I grew up with pretty laid back and well-mannered dogs. The first dog I adopted for myself as an adult was a 1-year old cattle dog who basically came with manners and obedience “installed”–she is just naturally a very responsive and wonderful dog that I have not had to put extensive work into as far as obedience goes. She’s now 6. Recently, my husband and I adopted a 1-year old Shepard mix who came out of the shelter kennel dragging her handler, jumping all over people…as I called her, ” 60 pounds of sheer muscle and ignorance”. She is very friendly, but had no real knowledge or basic manners. I told my husband (newer in the dog-owner world) that she would definitely need time, work, and structure that we both had to commit to. I immediately began researching prong collars because I knew that an old coworker of mine (who was also a dog trainer) was a huge advocate of them. I knew I would probably want to use one with this new dog, but wanted to research how to use them properly first, since I had never used them personally before. This is how I came to find your videos.

I’m sure as no surprise to you, we saw immediate results and have had great success with our training. This dog has been the perfect challenge for me, as I have been learning so much more about training through all of the research she has inspired me to do. And I’m learning new things to apply to my cattle dog, who though typically well-mannered, has some undesirable traits that I’ve always just worked around. I can’t wait to start trying these techniques with her as well.

I just feel so strongly about what you are doing for the dog (and owner) community. It has been a dream of mine for years to eventually be able to run a small program in working with “difficult” and “challenging” rescues who may not have made it out of the shelter otherwise, and help them to become confident and adoptable. I feel that your training techniques are going to be a huge step to help me learn what I need to in order to be successful in that endeavor. I also very much feel that my new dog has great potential to become a therapy dog, which has also been a dream of mine for years, and this structure will assist us so much in making that become a reality.

I know you stay busy, and hope you don’t mind such a long email, but I just really, really felt the need to say thank you. Not just for what I’ve been able to learn so far, but on behalf of all the dogs and families you are benefitting.