Thanks for all the You Tube videos

Just wanted to sing the praises of your YouTube videos and q&a videos. We have a 13 month old boxer mix who started to display leash aggression towards people and towards people who came over to our home. Took him to a recommended trainer in our area who evaluated him, sold us a prong collar, and told us to come back when he was done acting like that and he’d teach him commands. So basically good luck and goodbye. I came home with this prong collar and no clue what to do, until I found your videos. I have been working through your techniques with him on nightly walks for a couple weeks now, and tonight we were actually able to stand in our neighbors driveway and talk with them while he sat and waited. Never barked, didn’t growl, no hair up on the back, no lunging, and no pulling. Completely different dog. Before we couldn’t even walk down the street without him barking and growling at people, even if they were in their backyards. So to be 10-12 feet away from people tonight with no reaction was amazing. We still have hours of work ahead of us, but I’m so grateful for your videos. Thank you for your free resources. And for people needing help, take a day and watch the videos and then dedicate the time to work with your dog and you’ll see results. Thanks again! Your videos are truly helpful and the techniques well explained.

Rhyah Fletcher