Thanks for helping me advocate for my dog.

Hi Jeff

I found your content in september of last year.
I ordered my prong collar and pet convincer from your website.
I have a 9+ month old female GSD after having 3 lab retriever’s over the past 25 years.

I watch all your content and wanted to say thank you and my dog and I had a big outing last friday with a 2.5 hour road trip to watch 2 lacrosse games that my nephews were in.
I sat on the bottom row closest to the field of play with all the traffic of fans and players walking back and forth.

Dog had her e collar on (dogtra 1900s) and her prong.
People stopped and wanted to pet the dog and quoting you Jeff – I said I would rather you not as this is a dog in training.

After 3+ hours when the games were over people from the stands asked “who trained your dog” I said myself with online videos from Solid K9 Training.

I then stopped at my parents who just returned from florida and the last time they saw the dog was labor day weekend.
We rolled in and I threw down my travel place matt and pointed and the dog laid down with no words spoken.
All my mom said was wow and can i pet your dog and I had to say yes cause she is my mother!

I just got finished watching tonights What Would Jeff Do? – awesome information.

thanks for all you do for the dog owners community. I also now have 18 – 4 x 6 black mats in my basement with 2 place boards and have 2 neighbor dogs lined up to work on their heal on the walk as neighbors see Coda and myself walk by with that loose leash. I also take her out on my fatbike mountain bike with a bicycle tow leash in the winter with my studded up tires and the dog loves it.

Mike from Michigan