Thanks so much from the UK!

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to send you a quick email as a new subscriber of yours, you have helped us immensely with trying to deal with our dog, Nemo’s separation anxiety.

We rehomed our nine-year-old, leggy Jack Russell Nemo 6 months ago and he was an anxious mess and was still an anxious mess until about 4-5 days ago when I found your videos about crate training with Oscar.

Nemo would chew his way through door frames within minutes in order to escape from the house when we left to go out, and when we did crate him to contain his destructive behaviours he would whine, pant and go crazy, chewing at the bars, and inevitably breaking the bars to get out!

Thanks to your well explained and thorough videos we managed to leave the house for two hours today and he was completely fine! Our mistake was that we never corrected Nemo for his panicked behaviour, as soon as it would strike we’d comfort Nemo with coddles until he calmed down – BIG MISTAKE!

Thank goodness for you Jeff, we were tearing out hair out with his anxiety issues, it was why he was abandoned by his first owner.

Our next big step with him is the prong collar as he is terrified of other dogs, but we feel confident in tackling his anxious behaviours once and for all under your guidance. We’re making our way through your library of videos and I have no doubt in the very near future Nemo will be one cool, confident canine!

Thank you so much for all you do, would it be okay to PayPal you some money?

Your UK supporters Laura & Chris and of course lovely Nemo!