The transformation was instant just like your video.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your video on prong collars. I have a almost 5 month old female german shepperd who i brought home at 8 weeks old. Purchased a harness for walking as i did not want to harm her neck at such a young age on leash walks. Problem was as she grew she started pulling like a team of draft horses at a pulling competition and all over the place like the young shepperd in your other video. She is a very strong young dog. Taking her for a walk was a constant leash battle. Switched to a nylon neck collar a month ago same result. Bought a prong collar today with the plastic tips on the ends of the prongs.Tonight’s walk was awesome, the transformation was instant just like your video. We went for a nice long walk all i had on the collar end of the leash was my thumb and first finger along with your wrist communication suggestion and she was walking right beside me all night. What a joy this walk was. Thank you Buddy, what a transformation !

Mike from Canada