The videos you post are very helpful!

I just wanted to thank you. We adopted Midnight, a one year old black lab, from the Humane Society last year. She had been picked up as a stray, and it appeared that whoever owned her had spent no time trying to train her. I have succeeded in getting her to stop jumping on people. Walks are not perfect yet, but are much better than when we first brought her home. She comes when she’s called. My latest success has been with her food. She would get so excited when I brought her food that she would nearly knock the bowl out of my hands. She still gets excited when she sees me coming – she spins in circles and bounces up and down, but she now sits and waits while I put the bowl down. She looks me in the eyes and will not make a move for the bowl until I tell her it’s ok.

Thanks so much. The videos you post are very helpful!