These videos changed everything.

We took in our first rescue dog six months ago and despite years of having well adjusted dogs, had no idea what we were in for. Our poor guy, who had been abused and neglected, was so fearful that it manifested into serious aggression on lead and bully behavior at home. We hired a well-meaning local trainer, but that trainer’s methods served to make our dog more anxious. Walking him was embarrassing- people actually were horrified. He looked like Cujo. At home he was growling and sometimes lunging at his new housemate- our 11 yr. old passive male terrier. I was worried I was ruining the poor old guy’s life. Out of desperation I started researching on Youtube and found Jeff. I studied his videos like it was my job! I bought a pet corrector and a prong collar. And having had dogs for 14 years, I’m embarrassed to admit, I was vocally against prong collars. With these tools and Jeff’s strategies, the change in our rescue was immediate and shocking. It was as if he was relieved to learn that he wasn’t in charge and could just be a part of the family. His demeanor 100% changed just by me implementing Jeff’s tools and techniques, He became this happy-go-lucky pet. Our dog walked on lead like a perfect gentleman. He no longer even seemed to notice other dogs. He stopped lunging after UPS and mail trucks. He became incredibly affectionate and outgoing. Suddenly I could take him anywhere. He and his ‘brother’ are good buddies. My new guy now understands that the humans in the family, including my 8 yr old daughter, are in charge. I can’t thank Jeff enough and I’m looking forward to learning even more from his via his videos and also his seminars.

Kristin Benjamin