Toby is living a great life now and I don’t have to worry about behavior problems with him.

In 2014 I was fostering a 6 month old German Shepherd, Toby, who had been abused and malnourished. He was basically tied to a chain in these peoples back yard from the time he was a puppy till he was 6 month old when I got him. My girlfriend and I spent the next 6 month getting him healthy, house breaking him, and working on his rehab and separation anxiety issues.
He was doing really well and was totally healthy but still had some separation issues. Unfortunately we were not able to keep him because I began traveling for work and it was too much for my girlfriend to handle on her own along with all the other animals. I finally found some people who seemed like a perfect fit to adopt Toby so we let them take him. That was around the end of the year in 2014.
I received a call from the animal control department in Slidell, Louisiana, which is where the people who adopted Toby lived. Animal control had picked him up in a car lot and luckily I had micro chipped him prior to letting him go so we’re able to get my info from the chip. I’m not sure what happened or how he got separated from the adopters but he has obviously been on the streets for some time now and is skin and bones. I picked him up and brought him home….again. Unfortunately I don’t think the people were taking proper care of him.

December, 2016:
I’ve been watching more of your videos on separation anxiety and using place and structured walks to work through Toby’s anxiety issues. On December 10th I started working with him using a remote collar. There was almost a complete change overnight. He immediately began to have a sense of calm and understanding of how he is expected to act. He still does a little whining at times when I crate him and leave the room but drastically less than before and it is not every time and is not constant. I am going to try a bark collar when crating soon, I just ordered the bark version of the collar I currently have, and I think that will help even more.

Not even a full week later and one of his favorite things now is to be put in place on his bed because it’s his space where he can relax. I just want to thank you so much for all of the great information you share and the help you provide! I’ve attached a picture of Toby resting in place for you.

February, 2016:
Just wanted to send you a little update on Toby, my adopted German Shepherd. He has been making really great progress still with the remote collar training and his anxiety. I recently took him on his first camping trip with my other dog Becks. They were both off leash for 3 days and Toby wore his remote collar. He did really great! All of my friends and family ask me how I was able to take a previously abused dog and get him to this point with his behavior and obedience. I 100% credit your willingness to help, the instruction that you give, and the manner in which you train the dogs. 

Toby is living a great life now and I don’t have to worry about behavior problems with him. Thanks so much for all you and your staff do!