Well “they” were wrong and Jeff, who confidently told us that he could change her behavior, was absolutely right!

Gretta was a 15 week old German Shepherd pup when she came into our life in December of 2002. One year later she bit a guest in our home. We immediately went for help and were told by several trainers that there was nothing we could do. She was “hard wired” that way and very nervous and the best thing to do would be to get rid of her or put her down. For the next four years we over managed her, put her away when anyone came over (with the exception of a few people) and tried to be very careful that she did not have the opportunity to bite anyone else. Unfortunately, for all of our efforts, she did bite. With family she was a loving dog who was gentle and playful but when people came to the house she got nervous and wanted to bite them. She was definitely getting worse by not being around people since she was put away anytime anyone came to the house. In the fall of 2007 we brought another German Shepherd to our home. We felt we should use a dog trainer to help us raise him the right way and that is how we met Jeff. While we thought we were bringing him in to help us with Gunnar the conversation quickly shifted to Gretta. Although we had long since given up on “fixing” Gretta’s problems we gave Jeff the short version of a very long story. He scheduled a meeting for the next day and came to meet the whole family. After Jeff was in our home for about twenty minutes Gretta expressed her concern for his being there by biting him on the arm while he sat at our kitchen table. The plan was formulated to have her go train with Jeff to see if he could correct the problems which had become habit over the past four years. The reports from Jeff for days seemed the same – she was still biting him. Although he was making headway with her on other levels the biting still prevailed. After she was there for two weeks my husband and I went to see her. Four days earlier she had stopped biting Jeff and now we watched her walk with him and sit on a busy street corner, run to him in the yard and finally when she got to see us she still showed no aggression towards him or his assistant. It was clear things were changing. We knew we had to leave her with Jeff longer to continue on this positive path. Now after several weeks of intense training Gretta is a new dog. We are still working with Jeff to maintain all the good he has done with her but she has definitely changed her ways. This is a dog that we were told to give back to the breeder even if it meant she would be put down because there was nothing that could be done to correct her problems. Well “they” were wrong and Jeff, who confidently told us that he could change her behavior, was absolutely right! Thanks to Jeff not only do we have our dog back but she is better than ever.

Chuck and Tracy