You saved both our lives!

I found your YouTube videos after a disastrous Thanksgiving Gathering where Charlie lunged, growled and barked at guests. I could have no one visit without muzzling him. I have spent hundreds of dollars on professional trainers that told me to ‘jackpot’ treat him to distract him from aggressive behaviours [ he literally turned into a monster right before my eyes] – or they sat in front of computers and printed me out resources without ever even looking at him, except to tell me that if I surrender him he will likely be put down. When I asked at a pet store about e-collars and prong collars, I was told that I did not deserve to own a dog if I was going to use those. Your videos and methods have saved Charlie’s life and empowered me beyond words. From the moment I slipped the prong collar over his head, it just looked like enormous fear and desperation just fell away from him. Thank you so much for the free resources. I am so grateful!

Ivy Song