You saved my Malinois

Solid K9 Training,

I just cannot express how thankful I am for the quality and amount of information Jeff is putting out there for dog owners. My wife and I adopted a dog with very high energy (unbeknownst to us) about a year ago, and have had zero success introducing her to other dogs.

I stumbled upon your YouTube videos a few weeks ago, and the results with my Belgian Malinois have been utterly transformational. Quite frankly, I am in total shock. I was just able to say hello to a gentleman walking his Pitt bull that I have had to embarrassingly avoid for the past year.

You are doing a tremendous thing for dogs, humans and families on a very grand scale. Do not underestimate the value of your work – it is monumental.

From me, my wife and two kids, and Peek-a-Boo, thank you so much.

Saint Louis, MO